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Into Endless Chaos

Yngrvid - Bewitching Nights Embrace / Midnight Incarnate MC

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With two exceptional releases already under their belt, the Slovakian horde known as Yngrvíd has proven to be an unstoppable force. In the vein of 90s pagan black metal, while also conjuring their own original sound, Yngrvíd has solidified their reputation as an essential band of contemporary black metal in less than a year of their existence. Crafting two haunting demos within only a few months of their formation has demonstrated their persistence and focus, and anyone foolish enough to sleep on this stampeding entity will be left in the dust. For those in search of a sound that is both celestial and grimed in putrid earth, look no further. Yngrvíd are fully locked in with their freshly summoned craft, and it can only be assumed they will progress in their wretched evolution.

Tracks 1-5 (A side): Bewitching Nights Embrace
Tracks 6-10 (B side): Midnight Incarnate

Co-released with Into Endless Chaos Records & Moonworshipper Records