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DEMOGOAT Wëřšlüüğ Mëthëlmëžqhül (Aus) - Wëřšlüüğ 2099 – MC

In crawling atomic slime does the nuclear heat death of the multiverse come to infernal coagulation as the Australian keller synth filth master Wëřšlüüğ Mëthëlmëžqhül hammers his bio-mechanical nails into your skull.

Transmuted from the slugtanic bludlust of a million mutant martyrs, Wëřšlüüğ 2099 is the faecal prophecy of a future slithering with the augury of the final battle between the Wëřšlüüğ Mëthëlmëžqhül and Mëčhälüžifëř. A relentless foray into the transmutated depths of the keller synth killing fields, Wëřšlüüğ 2099 is a cybernetic slathering of industrial blast beats, mechanical melodies, dystopian madness, and mecha messiah atmospherics. Those seeking an overdose of daemonic dance electronica should quest no further for these freakish flavours, for Wëřšlüüğ Mëthëlmëžqhül has its bio-mechanical syringes aimed at your neo-cortex, ready to penetrate its thesis of tyrannical insanity ever deeper into grey matter narcotic ravines. May the obliteration of mortal flesh grow ever closer, as the new flesh rises from the slug sanctuaries and feeding pens, mutant mutilation splayed across an aeon of multiversal misery—a cyber circus of slime priest supremacy sent spiralling around the infinity of a million carousel rides made manifest in the filth stained trails of the one true Wëřšlüüğ Mëthëlmëžqhül.

Available on professional duplicated cassette with crystal clear sound, backed up by truly amazing artwork of @wampuscat777 , tape comes with OBI.

Description text by @neheroth