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Creeping amongst a fungal forest of poisonous mist, where the low croaks of the hell frogs can be heard, and where the evil spores of the phantom parasites ride the slime winds, comes that devious creature known only the Reclusive Goblin to ply it's wicked wares. Lets loose morbid moanings of dungeon synth mastery, and kaleidoscope of wondrous sounds of foulest intent lay waste to mortal perception. Two incantations has this creature of the Putrid Marsh created, and two incantations it is that can be found upon this fresh ensorcelling of iron fungus GoatowaRex hermitcal poetry, whom has taken these two incantations had etched them into dark grooves of blackest wax and darkest amusements.

Pestilent Bog is a soundscape of shadow circus beauty, utilising an infectious medley of trickster melodies, that work their magick in a sombre atmosphere of fantastical proportions. An air of jolly exuberance pervades throughout the entirety of these goblinspells, but those who hear these sounds—should find themselves in that fungal forest of fun—must beware of that which lies around the next bend of weald and canopy of toadstool tree, for things are never what they seem here. A croak in the distance. A shadow moves in the mist. A goblin appears from the darkness. The Reclusive Goblin has come, won’t you come to see his spritely wares? Won’t you come to hear his sounds? Won’t you come to stay forever? Grinning from ear to ear as you slowly fade, and the fog takes you away. Not even mortal bones left to moulder in the sickly sweet airs of the spectral swamp. The Pestilent Bog sings to us all.

Description text scribed by @neheroth