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Riding upon the legend of famous Mexican desperado, Gregorio Cortez, that son of the southern stars who evaded the foul hands of the law and staining the land with their blood, comes that entity known by war club cruelty of Maquahuitl. Scorning their sun soaked sounds from the lands of Aztlán since the age of 2011, Maquahuitl have always wreathed a luminous ray of solar savagery with each incantation ensorcelled by its blood stained hands, but only in the age of 2021 would this entity speak of that legend spoken in reverence by all those children of the sun. Thus it was obvious to all that this entity would come to the iron revolver of GoatowaRex renegade ruin to bring acolytes its latest incantation upon raven of wax and blackest of vinyl.

Con Su Pistola en la Mano is the warcry of the blessed marauder, a trinity of spells to evoke those fighting for their freedom. A blistering quick fire barrage of searing blast beats, dust witch howls, infectious guitar melodies, folk instrumental remembrance, and a clarity of production atmosphere that brings all that came before to new heights of defiance. A daring and sincere expression of resistance against the oppression of law and order, Con Su Pistola en la Mano is a deep, vivid experience of wasteland strife, all evoked through the powerful medium of raw black sorcery Maquahuitl has been forging for a decade now.