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The power of the First Nations at its back, the pride of a people engorging it upon their sincerity of spirit, a fury of blackest rage making each chop of blade and stab of spear strike ture with vengeance, hacks forth that mighty entity of Canadian mastery known only by title of Ifernach. For almost a decade pestiferous dreams has Ifernach smashed the ephemeral world with its direct sorcery of blackest ruin; power chord of penetration, tremelo melodies of terror, and an honest objective of tribal insurrection, all ensorcelling this warleader of Celtic essence to make mind battle with those it sees as enemy. Thus it was that the EP incantation Ces Choses Mortes, as well as other unreleased spells, and a trinity of covers from other black metal entities, should all be combined into one glorious artefact, one made possible by the iron defiance of GoatowaRex waraxe slaughter, this upon raven of blackest vinyl wax.

Black Metal Butchery does exactly as its title states, delivering upon acolytes a direct crush of war club supremacy, all emitted to perfection through a medium of undeivating and unrelenting black metal devastation. Bitter tremolo miseries, putrid power chords, savage black barks, pleasurable compositional variation, axe frost atmospherics, and storming tomb production all await those willing to embark on the next war campaign of the defiant warleader. Seek not here those of weakness and woe, for you will find no mercy amongst the snow drift here, only the gleam of swordsmen leering from the frost. The war cries of tribesmen to take back that which was never of mortal hand and hope to begin with. The return to the purity of the wasteland.

Available soon upon raven of wax black vinyl. The beam of the sun upon the rot of fallen corpses.

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