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Howling upon six curses from a spiritual wasteland, chains broken and torn, bloodstained fangs bared at the supple throats of the innocent, rides that which needs no herald, standing alone by name of Deströyer 666. Infamy let loose upon an age of tyranny, this entity of Australian antichrist infamy has been raging incantation after incantation of pure black speed hellfire for almost three decades. A trinity of ages left raped and broken beneath as sweltering mass of infernal spells both infectious and dissonant in essence. Now, by the iron werewolven dominance of GoatowaRex daemon sperm, does a special piece of this entity’s vast history come to acolytes upon picture disc of destruction, and raven of blackest wax vinyl.

Let the Demon Speak features a recording of Live in The Tote Collingwood, 28-2-1998, a golden era not only for Deströyer 666, but the war metal tomb cult of Australian Victoria as a whole. Carefully restored from the finest possible source, this live recording of damnation has been remastered under the cold wolven eyes of KK Warslut himself, ensuring no blasphemy or heresy be left unheard on this most unhallowed of exhibitions. Acolytes will find the most perfect of setlists; one featuring ageless classics such as Australian & Antichrist, The Eternal Glory of War, Satanic Speed Metal, and many more spells of terror. This is Deströyer 666 at its most fearsome and uncut, all barbs of hellfire rust let loose upon those who dare to experience it for themselves.

The layout for this physical artefact is by Annick the 'Morbid Chief', and comes with a gatefold jacket with OBI This will be a one time press of 250 copies on black vinyl and 100 on picture disc. From genesis to genocide.

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