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on purple or clear vinyl allocated at random

Stolen upon a shattered moon of membranous drape, and crooning below a effervescent void of shambling wonder—red eyes stretched high into the black of celestial canvas—soars the ever looming presence of the entity only known as Sanguine Relic. Preaching a perversity of unflesh and unlife for many a season now, the whispers of coagulate horror and dissonant splendour this entity has evoked since its inception have left more than the mark of claw on those who have experienced them, their souls malformed and strange, hearts black with rust. Now, under the iron temperament of GoatowaRex cabal madness, this creature of void hunger unleashes its latest incantation of physical artefact, repressed once again in beauty of clear and purple vinyl.

Divine Stygianism: The Bliss in Torment is an arch exhalation of raw black morbidity, one played to the harsh mistress of infectious melodic sorcery, as well as the immortality of spectral plasmapheresis. A rasping display of eclectic structural composition, melancholic atmosphere, surprising accessibility, and vampiric affectation. This incantation, like those that came before it, is a masterclass in strigoi savagery—another claw mark made by that of blood ensorcelled archaism and splendid raw black esotericism. The mouldering bliss of ghastly reverie awaits, the lords and ladies whispering haunted tones of lives forgotten and of those released from mortal shells—the splendour of a land of dark dreams and of a chamber of decadent cadaver.

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