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WAXGOAT222 Grögaldr (USA) - Grógaldr

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By the foulest of necromantic fumes, whose smoke tendrils wreathe through nine nooses upon nine branches, rises forth a shaded shambler of power known only as Grógaldr. Unleashing its campaign of cruellest desire since the age of 2018, Grógaldr is an American entity of grieving darkness black metal occultism, whose penchant for infectious melody and dissonant punishment has delivered sublime suffering time after time. Now it should be then, that the earliest of this esteemed entities' incantations come to acolytes via the iron candelabra desecration of GoatowaRex bleak bone ritual, this upon the finest of raven wax shadow vinyl.

Grógaldr is the carnal compilation of this entity's grim conception. A litany of heresies unshackled and let loose one last time before the grimoires of Grógaldr are finally brought to a close. A ravishing onslaught of tortuous tenacity, Grógaldr favours the sounds of an endless fury here, delivering a blistering percussive framework of perpetual blast beats and flesh weeping tremolo entropy—these sections contrasted by breakdown of blood and hallucinogenic soundscapes of hissing guitar torment reverb feedback. Hypnosis of hellfire and void of wandering, Grógaldr may very well be the only chance to obtain these occult orations upon vinyl wax, before they are sealed away again, this time, for an eternity.

Available soon upon raven of wax black vinyl. Howl of raped flesh channels the malignant natures of the tomb enacsed in black granite ruin.

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