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Drowning the weak in the black waters of eldritch hatred and scorn, hands of horrorstorm snapping throats supple and sore, roars forth—like the crushing waves of the raging ocean—that entity of ancient black misery known only by herald of Veles. Emitting its pagan ensorcelled sounds of raw black ruin since the age of 1993, Veles are a true cult entity that has featured several of Poland’s most potent and powerful sorcerers, Rob Darken chief amongst these shady spell slingers. Thus, with the pride of pagan fatherland and fury in hearth and heart, does the iron sword of GoatowaRex underworld worship bring to acolytes the second of Veles’s full-length incantations to hand, this forged upon a dual destiny of raven black wax vinyl.

Black Hateful Metal is a hidden treasure of the ancient ages, a miserable myth almost forgotten to the cruel sands of time, resurrected once more for contemporary cult consumption. A pure orthodox black metal experience littered with acoustic folk passages, the string of guitar and key of piano made to dance in hypnosis of shamnic frenzy. This joining with forces of a blackfrost production, rasping oration, biting tremolo, and eclectic percussion provides, perhaps, an even more powerful and nuanced experience than Veles’s debut incantation. The expression of a frostbitten battleground stained with the blood of both brutal barbarian and stoic warrior, the immortality of hatred spent with each stroke of sword, and each bend of knee to the gods. A millennium of disgrace paid for in blood.

Available soon upon duality of raven black wax vinyl. The black flames of war spread, as pagan custom is forgotten in the swing of steel.

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