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Howling up from a swirling vortex of eldritch black ocean waters, the hands of fate begrimed by the dust of the dead, comes that Slavic entity of Polish power known only by the arch title of Veles. Scorning the land of the living with its pagan hellfire since the age of 1993, this deity of raw black devastation unleashed a debut demo incantation, one composed of the remnants of a previous incarnation of Veles known as Belthil. Now, taking this demo incantation and early rehearsal recordings, and forging them together, does the iron war axe of GoatowaRex brutal barbarian inscribe both upon raven wax of black vinyl.

The Triumph of Pagan Beliefs, and it’s Belthil Rehearsal predecessor, provide acolytes with a myriad of raw black Polish spellcraft—some of the best that hallowed land has ever conjured. The perfect alchemical blend of necrotic tomb production, howling black rasps, eerie keyboard atmospherics, infectious frost tremolo, dedicated martial percussion, and a sincere expression of classic orthodox black sorcery. Those familiar with Veles and it’s cult library of grimoires will know already of the magickal potency on offer here, but for those acolytes that don't, now is their chance to own a piece of Polish black metal history and experience an empowering ode to pagan might and Slavic supremacy.

Available soon upon duality of raven black wax vinyl. The black flames of war spread, as pagan custom is forgotten in the swing of steel.

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