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Fear the toll of the Funerary Bell, those Finnish spectres of grave earth woodland worship, whom for more than a decade now have been led by the cruel hands of the Invoker of the Shadows—using this vehicle of ritualistic occultism to further his needs for sanguine darkness and tombstone tranquility. In séance of true black metal malevolence, this entity of afterlife insulter unleashed the second of its full-length incantations in the age of 2018, this titled by herald of Undead Revelations, these auguries providing the most potent of Funerary Bell’s incantations yet unchained. Now, by the iron tower of GoatowaRex revenant blood purity, does this most supreme of hermitcal grimorises come to acolytes upon splendour of blackest raven wax.

Undead Revelations intones far more than merely the whispers of those that creep and crawl between the warring binaries of life and death, for not only does it give these prophecies to its acolytes, but curses them with a soundscape of carnal delight. Ensorcelled in an enigmatic configuration of moonchild prodigy, those experiencing these Undead Revelations will be lambasted by a deluge of ice frost majesty, pristine production allowing each evil of instrumentation to sing true, the auguries of black death necromancy brought forth by croaking throat oration of terror. Melodic in all the right places, evoking those scions of old, Undead revelations is the battering ram chained to the Goat of Mendes, the mantra of anima eternal.