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Hanging from the throats of the empty ennui enforcers, gleams in shadow that entity known only by herald of Ebony Pendant. Laying waste to the urban sprawls of mortal decadence and deluded weakness, this ornament of orthodox raw black ruin, snakes root of tree and flowers of orchid around the collective mind of humanity—planting darkest seeds leading to growth of The Garden of Strangling Roots, which is the greatest incantation Ebony Pendant has created to date. Thus, it is of no surprise that the iron oak of GoatowaRex poison thorn alchemy brings this esteemed incantation of devout black metal misery to acolytes upon raven of wax, vinyl disk of destitution brought forth by dedication of the tyrant.

Awash with a spiralling misery of blisteringly cold black orthodox style tremolo melodics, stripped down and direct atmospherics, and a non nonsense attitude to its ravishing expression of gothic nihilism, The Garden of Strangling Roots is an incantation that no acolyte of the black poetry should be without. Harking back to the ancient legends of the second wave of black sorcery, Ebony Pendant, with its garden of melancholic desolation beneath its leering shade, ensures that its spells keep to the truest of black virtue, eschewing all unneeded appendages that mutate and wreak havoc upon the purity of darkness. Gnarled roots crawl through broken concrete streets and bring the wilderness to the homes of mortals everywhere. The howls of arboreal suffering scratching against their wooden doors.