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What acolytes would perhaps label as dungeon synth in this age of digital discovery, the entity known as Lord Wind amounts much more than this, evoking a sound that could easily be described as acoustic renditions of Graveland’s earliest works, Rob Darken evoking some of his greatest works in those days of yore. A lonely spirit cast out upon the winds of war song, these songs of old have not be forgotten, and by the iron helm ghost of GoatowaRex funerary fulmination, does the earliest of this entities incantations come to acolytes upon dual desecration of raven black vinyl wax.

Forgotten Songs is a Slavic folk incantation that deserves a place amongst the manifold pantheon of the early 90’s black metal underground, riveting those who experience it with a vast medley of engrossing acoustic spells. Draped with an assortment of sincere melodies, sombre vocal orations, synth enforced atmospherics, and a truly dedicated thematic of pagan folklore; those acolytes of Eastern European black metal and neo-folk would be remiss in obtaining this incantation for themselves. For the first time this endearing incantation will be released on dual raven wax vinyl with a meticulously remastered sound, including both the 1996 full-length version and the 1995 demo version on the second vinyl, and a restored layout made as close to the original FMP edition as possible.

Available soon upon duality of raven black wax vinyl. Father’s sword given by pagan holocaust of funeral song.

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