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Fang of vampire, and claw of werewolf, bane of light, and scorn of mercy. The riders come upon black flames of blood warfare, twin entities of black metal aristocracy, hosting a warband led by Polish pagan hussar audial master—Rob Darken, with his early entities, Legion and Darken. So it was in the age of 1994, that these two warmasters of darkness unchained a pair of demo incantations, My Celtic Blood and Blood On My Knife, tomb cult hidden treasures that shared a symbiosis of sound and conception. Thus it was through wisdom of the iron hand, that this incantation be brought to contemporary acolytes in its ultimate form, the iron helm of GoaotwaRex sky father thunderbolt forging this upon raven wax of black vinyl.

Blood On My Knife is a cult masterpiece incantation that combines the obscure spells of Poland’s most powerful black metal artists during their prime; a raw dirge of lamentations and battle lust, dragged back from the depths of Nawia, from the gilded throne of Volos, to be experienced once again by acolytes of the iron hand. Raw, lupine and savage, those who lay worship to these lands of Slavic black sorcery should seek these grimoires for themselves—hear the war cry from ages long since passed once again.


Available soon upon raven of wax black vinyl. The forest of werewolves. The fullmoon warriors.

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