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Grinding bone marrow and muscle mass into dust caked filth, hearts and minds trampled beneath black boot brutality, rotted gore tyranny rises from stench of gore, that master of perversity and desecrator of decency—Japanese black death grind torturers Grizzly Fetish. Hammer against flesh, repeated habitually with mechanical precision, this litany of war crimes has been on the rise since this foul entity's birth in 2016. Now, tools of torture crossed in pain star alignment with the iron sadism of GoatowaRex grandiose torment, a collection of rare and unreleased painspells of Grizzly Fetish come to the sbale grooves of black vinyl wax. A declaration of degradation made omen of foul intent across an ocean of misanthropic scum.

Grizzly Fetish take no prisoners. No treaties of peace of honour made here. Only the total perverse devastation upon mortal mind and matter, tendon of limb stretched outward, as spongy flesh is torn open further, more orifices made for the penetration of fluid soaked sounds of rapine intent. Victims that await that which is only known as Grizzly Fetish can expect an excruciating journey, one filled with deep guttural beast barks, devastatingly infectious guitar melodies, relentless murder mechanical percussion, direct punshing production processes, surprisingly atmospheric synth melodies, and a merciless atmosphere of shimmering surgical devices. These aforementioned synth sections create both a sound strange, and familiar at the same time, and any who are curious about this entity should at least experience the sound once for themselves—for they will be morbidly surprised. An exciting and experimental foray into the cathartic realms of total grind noise blasphemies, one that any acolyte seeking an excursion away from the slow mundanities of ephemeral existence would take as eagerly as would a filth junkie to a narcotic needle.

Description text scribed by @neheroth