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WAXGOAT125 Nocturnal Effigy (USA) - Gaze of Wampyr

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Scattered eyes lost within an ocean of lilac powder visions, bloodstained claws trailing through the ancient memories, as despair becomes thick upon blackened tongue, comes that ruinous entity of melancholy morbidity known only as Nocturnal Effigy. Waxing it's grim poetry since the age of 2020, Nocturnal Effigy is an American entity featuring cabalists from the infamous Somme and Celestial Sword, who utilise their talents here in unleashing incantation after incantation of miserable raw black dungeon synth—bleeding mortals for both blood and tears with each spell evoked. Thus it would be fitting that one of their most infamous works, Gaze ov the Wampyr, would be made to acolytes for the first time upon vinyl black wax, made possible by none other than the iron wings of GoatowaRex spectral suffering lament.

Gaze ov the Wampyr is a haunted excursion into the brittle blush of depressive epiphany. A roaming cascade of hazy synth atmospherics and gnawing tremolo melodics, Gaze ov the Wampyr wraps its sanguine cloak around those experiencing it and spirits them away verdant kingdoms of the blackest woodlands, each harmony of horror lending divine flesh to those lands it paints with audial brushstroke. Decadent blasts of imperial black metal mutiilations spread across a synthscape of sorrow and an emaciated production, lending even stronger essence of dissonant melody and reverie to looming sadness of the ages. An incantation to drain the life from all those who experience it, Gaze ov the Wampyr is a true expression of night stalker gaunt grim.

Available soon upon raven of wax black vinyl. Immortal courts of glistening silver spears writhe in ecstasy as the black mists come through old towers and old paths.

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