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Stepping from reeds of golden light as seven circles of silver illuminate the sky in blessed circles of the Daughter, comes Lithuthian black folk romantics, Ha Lela, whose brief existence in the mid 90’s produced a treasury of magical and mythical incantations—each more steeped in the deep mythology of their homeland than the last. The final stroke of sorcery unleashed by this large host of raganos and laumes was Pabudimas, a swan song of such striking beauty, that it draws forth tears from mortal acolytes as would a golden milkmaid draw celestial milk from the skybound heifer. Never before was this hidden treasure put forth upon vinyl wax—until now—which, through the sublime sunblessed divinity of GoatowaRex iron fist worship, this trove of wonders can now be drawn into the dawn of morning once again.

Pabudimas is an incantation steeped in mythic and grandiose expression, spanning age after age of immortal adventure and wonder, spiriting its listeners away on truly epic expressions of a golden age of romantic pagan triumph. A thick black symphonic concoction awaits all those who experience this incantation; a dense medley of resplendent fair maiden orations, godlike iron warrior warcries, beautifully infectious guitar melodies, stark cinematic percussive dedications, heavenly mythic synth tunes, acoustic sombe fantasy passages, and a truly awe inspiring atmosphere and thematic foray into the ancient past. An orchestra born forth from the very soil of Lithuania itself—as sky father lay bloodshed of war upon golden plains of eternal rebirth, lamentations of thunder booming and splitting realms asunder upon grand cloud carriage of the heavens, mother goddess stretching limbs of earth to four corners of the winds, biting flames of passionate daughters brought forth as those givers of sacred firewood. Ha Lela brings all of these evocations of a deep oral tradition—and much, much more—to the minds of those that experience their sounds, and with a potent spellcraft all on their own, pay homage to their ancient forebears and those eldritch gods that watched over them.

Description text scribed by @neheroth