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Boiling in a filth ridden symbiosis of ultra violence and throwing a molten fist into the face of common decency rides cult Brazillian death electronic sorcerers, Suppurated Fetus, who have joined forces with the grand imperialist sadism of Japanese tyrants, Reek of Unzen Gas Fumes. Bubonic Vermin Noise Plague / Uncontrolled Toxic Humanicide is an alliance of pure cruelty, and now, with the iron hand of GoatowaRex, comes to combat acolytes on war munition black wax. This special release is in honour of Sabboth, whose frame it is said will reanimate, reborn again to choke the decency from the world one last time. One final penetration of purest power.

Suppurated Fetus’s side of this schizophrenic split incantation is a blast of painful electronic sorcery; mechanical drum beats and devastating noise synth, peppered with brainwashing vocal samples and the pornographic cries of female torture victims. Reek of Unzen Gas Fumes, those other war criminals included on this split incantation, take no prisoners. Blasting forth with a sound intolerant black grind noise massacre, Reek of Unzen Gas Fumes, push a surprisingly infectious composition of punishing melody, industrial percussive style and deranged vocal delivery—each note another charge of tyranny against these imperial butchers.

To state this split incantation is not for the faint hearted would be a brutal understatement. Those with a perpetual desire for more and more filth, of the most outrageous and wicked kind, need look no further. Bubonic Vermin Noise Plague / Uncontrolled Toxic Humanicide is the catalyst for all these needs, a downright expression of mortal disgust and sadistic tendency; one steeped in piss, gore and human filth.

Description text scribed by @neheroth