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Iron in darkness, and iron in light, does the whispers of darkness and woe seep through the battlefields of old, through bone and bile, sword and shield, to speak the name of that entity known by grand title of Evil—the borders of Brazil to be broken beneath the hammering of its might. Born of southern alliance in the age of 1994, Evil has left no home, church, or heart unstained by the bleak misery of its truly dissonant spellcraft, with each incantation intoned one of wicked ruin and wanton destruction. Writhing within the entropy of its own raw black sorcery, it was only a matter of time before the iron hand itself came to unearth this ancient beast, that the iron force of GoatowaRex tomb cult cruelty brought to acolytes the first full-length incantation of this esteemed entity upon raven black of vinyl wax.

The Evil Past Part III - Revenge of Iron and Thunder/Fuck Peace! is a glorious amalgamation of Evil’s debut, Revenge of Iron and Thunder, and the split it forged with the mighty Moonblood many ages ago. Both parts of this amalgamation display the true white noise terror Evil wreathed around black altar in its youth, passages of sombre dark ambient synth penetrating the fury here and there, bones of the dead staining the lands like white jaws of the damned. Those haunting and hoping for a true journey into the sounds of old, ones the German government saw fit to confiscate some four hundred of the original split incantation pressings for, need scry their bloodstained stone tablets no longer. The witchsteel rises again, and with it, the triumph of the sword.

Available soon upon raven of wax black vinyl. Hunger for battlestorms and desire for swordance.

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