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Standing tall upon a luminous cloud psychedelic reverie, comes the infectious minstruations of Behrosth; the kaleidoscopic blade of rainbow slaughter weighing heavy upon hands of golden dawn, helmed warriors claiming regency to holy lands long lost. Revelling in the glory of a hallucinatory crusade, Behrosth have spent much time after their entombment some years prior, and have emerged from the effigies of raw black metal, and ensorcelled their spellcraft with a medley of doom rock majesty—combining the fuzz drenched sounds of the hard rock 70’s, with the rasping atmosphere of the black metal 90’s. Now, drawn forth to lay these proclamations of drugged holy war and sacrosanct synth sorcery, Behrosth align themselves with the iron psychotropics of GoatowaRex prism brutality, to bring acolytes one of their latest incantations to the raven wax of blackest vinyl.

Bѣдьминъ часъ is a jewel encrusted monstrosity of an incantation, one that relies on a ecstatic composition of hard rock reminiscence—drawing from acid guitar and keyboard melodies, mature and restrained percussive execution, and punctuated by a lonely oratory rasp of black metal savagery—to create a soundscape of vivid colour, one drenched in the blood of those foolish enough to preach heresy to this new golden dawn of psychedelic power. Steeped in a nature of pure euphoria, a carnival ride of rainbow crucifixion, stigmata of the saviour crushed into dust, mortar and pestle mixing those sanguine taints into that which suggests the weird and wonderful. Sends minds to heights of astral spiral with each jangle of synth key, strike of guitar string, and bash of drum skin. Those acolytes seeking that which brings the infectious hedonism of the acid rock seasons, with the cruel atmospherics and ideologies of the black metal seasons—need peel their ocular orbs wide no longer, as the incantation of psychedelic nightmares has sounded its horn, the soaring notes of Behrosth sent gliding upon winds of iridescent splendour.