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No love, no hope, no future to be found amongst the doldrums of dissonant storm cyclone supremacy, only the rasping agony of that which is known only as Altered Heresy—that which reaps and that which takes. Writhing in the dusty dungeon chambers underground the land Belgium since the age of 2018, Altered Heresy has been emitting a torrent of blessed hatred, building its thesis of Satanic defiance and opposition with each incantation unearthed and unborn reaching closest toward the essence of vitriol. Thus it was spoken, that atop the iron mountain that is GoatowaRex daemonic apostate lunacy, that Altered Heresy would align the southern stars in allegiance to create a physical artefact of this incantation upon raven of wax upon blackest vinyl.

Dimensions of Eternal Blasphemy Ordained in Satanic Majesty takes no prisoners in its war against the light, dragging cold mortal cadavers by their throats by the nightspeed chariot it has forged to deliver its sermons of sadism. Breakneck blast beat bolsters, true noise terror production, eye gouging tremolo melodics, biting black bark rasps, and an atmosphere of such unrelenting force, that chokes the life from those acolytes daring enough to taste the horrors on offer. A sincere expression of raw orthodox black metal sorcery, Dimensions of Eternal Blasphemy Ordained in Satanic Majesty is the black feast of corpse creation no acolyte should be without. Crushing in its dedication to torment, Altered Heresy goes for the throat and wastes not a drop, leaving only the empty husks of mortality in its wake.

Available soon upon raven of wax black vinyl. Bare witness to the pits of absolute desolation.