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WAXGOAT432 Vespéral (Quebec) - Nuits blanches - LP

Conceived in the age of 2022 that hails from the frostbitten cemeteries of Quebec, Vespéral, a project formed by a group of experienced musicians have wasted little of the nocturnal unlight in unleasing their debut full-length full-length, Nuits blanches, a despondent journey into sleepless nights and ritualistic black metal symphonies.

Stained with the madness of the twilight tormented, Nuits blanches is rife with full bodied percussive foundation, infectious tremolo melodic mourn, bloodstained bass bombast, ethereal wraith vocal shrieks, hauntingly vast synth passages, pristine clear clarity production, sombre post-punk atmospherics and a soul tearing thematic of spiritual suicide and interior insanity. A masterwork from the ever inspiring Quebec tomb cult scene, Vespéral drapes the skies with a brooding lament of black metal sorrow, leaving only the bittersweet taste of death upon the barbed tongues of those who dare taste the insomnia of its fading spiral stars.

Available on vintage black vinyl with Japanese OBI.

Promo text by @neheroth