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Poisonous Sorcery

VAMPYRIC WINTER “My Last Vampyric Winter Among These Ruins” LP [SORCERY-054]

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The twisted fear fury of those known as Vampyric Winter, whose claws twist eldritch ruins by spin of mortal fluid phantoms, rise up their empire from the haunted chapels of the Pyrenees Mountains, the raw black metal sorcery of their madness left shrieking in their wake.

A Spanish slashing of sanguine black metal romanticism, Vampyric Winter was once the two headed creation of M.W. and Sanguinous Moth, both of whom have made up the creative spellcraft of Amargor, Nightgaunt and Nocturnal Tyrant; bringing their malodorous energies of fang rending melancholies in tandem to unleash their powerful debut incantations, ones that set the streets of Barcelona stained crimson with fear. Surprising then that this two-piece would accept another into their midst, this a member of Bosnia’s infamous Black Plague Circle and mastermind behind such entities as Deathcircle, Obskuritatem and Shadow Dungeon, the lugubrious O, here to be known only as Grief Kommando. Ruinous this meeting of trinity terror, the triumvirate would set about to unchain their most wicked incantation to date, once again staining Barcelona with the remains of the drained dead.

My Last Vampyric Winter Among These Ruins is the heart rending dirge desecration of the virginal spirit now sent spiraling down into pools of spectral ichor. A riveting exploration into the frostbitten depths of a kingdom once glorious, now only the slithering shadows of eternal hunger remain, howling lambasts of rasping oration echoing across stone halls, as the harsh ice winds of melodies made tremolo rend flesh from bone. Rhythms of carnal lust beat out from dungeon crypts, contrast of mid paced crushings and blistering blast beats warping mortal mind, luring ever deeper into this realm of revenant memories. Needless to whisper amongst those denizens of the tomb temple, My Last Vampyric Winter Among These Ruin is Vampyric Winter’s greatest incantation to date, the addition of a third member into their ranks, Grief Kommando, allowing for a more varied sonic experience that allows for a richer tapestry of mournful misery and infectious hypnotics. Fear these supreme arts of blackness, for when the light is diminished does a gift of true suffering bear bitter fruits, as the rise of a sulphurous empire reigns true and the lingering presence of unholy claws rend mortality dead.

Promotional text provided by Neheroth of Gloomhammer @neheroth

-Limited to 150 copies.

-Audio specially remastered for vinyl format. (Better dynamics and full range for pure and organic sound)

-180g Black vinyl (high quality certificated Polyvinyl chloride: less background noise and extra durability)

-Envelope with incense ritually crafted.

-CD-R (vinyl-effect) including vinyl audio master (1411kbps audio quality)

-350g sleeve. 3mm spine.

-400g double side insert.