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Into Endless Chaos

Vampyric Tyrant – Schwarze Schwingen MC

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//CHAOS 055

The German duo Vampyric Tyrant used the year intensively to create and record their debut album »Schwarze Schwingen«. After their first EP »Das Schwert der Sterne«, they exactly continue where they left off and even take it to the next level with their upcoming album.

6 songs, with a playing time of nearly 40 minutes, combined into a total piece of art – Soaked in darkness and the majestic atmosphere of long forgotten days.

The varied song structures, coupled with instrumental dungeon synth passages, capture the magic of what was once the Black Metal art of the past, without sounding like a copy of those artists in any second. This independence runs like a thread through this record and proves that Vampyric Tyrant’s »Schwarze Schwingen« will definitely establish itself as a future classic in (German) Black Metal music.

Tape is limited to 200 copies only!