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Urfaust - Ritual Music For The True Clochard (2x12" LP)

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Comes in a 2 x 180g vinyl, single cover sleeve and with black cardboard inner sleeves.
Side B features laser-etched artwork.

"These Audial Invocations & Sonic Rituals were recorded by Herr Deportator under bleak conditions and in various Temples:
the Patjakker Hoeve, the Kollum Bunker and last but not least the Lytsewâld Ghostfarm during the past years.
These Rituals were previous released under different formats in close co-operation with our brothers of Circle Of Ouroborus, The Ruins Of Beverast, Joyless and Celestial Bloodshed...

This one is dedicated to our fallen brothers and sisters : Hail the true Clochards !