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Darkness Shall Rise

Unleashed – Before The Creation Of Time LP

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Formed in 1989 after Johnny Hedlund was kicked out of NIHILIST (who split up and reformed as ENTOMBED to avoid firing him directly),
UNLEASHED are credited to be one of the first death metal groups to write songs about Viking/Scandinavian history and heritage instead of the more typical subjects like death and gore.
Since these times UNLEASHED can be counted as one of the leading acts of the Scandinavian death metal scene.

On this compilation you can find every song the band recorded before their classic debut album Where No Life Dwells from 1991!

It includes The Utter Dark (3 songs), Revenge (3 songs) and the complete Bielefeld recording session (7 songs) which contains songs from the And The Laughter Has Died… 7“ EP,
the Century Media Promo Tape and songs from the Century Media compilation In The Eyes Of Death.

A long in-depth interview with Johnny Hedlund held especially and exclusive for this compilation.

All songs have been carefully restored and remastered by Patrick W. Engel at the Temple of Disharmony studio.

ltd. 1000 (500 x black, 500 x white)
16-page 12“ booklet, A2 poster.