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Poisonous Sorcery

UNHOLY CRAFT “A Blaze of Tridents” LP [SORCERY-051]

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By three points of pandemonium pain does the Norwegian spectre of black metal penetrate the past and set aflame the mortal spirit by the rage occult of Unholy Craft.
Raising its ritual fumes from the deepest chambers of the crypt coffin cathedral, Unholy Craft are an enigmatic Norwegian orthodox black metal entity that has preached its sermons of the sin sacred at least since the age of 2023, raping principles of the faith and desecrating the feeble spirits of the meek. Unchaining a two strike incantation that would begin with Naar all tid er omme, that highlighted Unholy Craft’s penchant for dedicated black metal mutilation, it would unchain a second incantation not long after—this by name of A Blaze of Tridents.

Burning by flame of the infernal immolator, A Blaze of Tridents draws forth both sorceries ancient and contemporary, utilising a classic framework of orthodox black metal tinged with modern spell structure and putrid production. Abhorrently direct in its fulminations of black metal mysticism, Unholy Craft have taken the already blasphemous soundscapes of its debut incantation and furthered the sacrificial ennui of its spectral slaughter; relying more on the tried and tested foundations of classic black metal and relying less on an overuse of synth, fusion genres or faux grim thematics. Finding the perfect balance between eldritch homage and contemporary experimentation, A Blaze of Tridents focuses heavily on sweltering blast beats,
contrasting mid-paced melodics, blizzard black tremolo, touches of synth, snarling rasp oration and well crafted spell construction to drive forth a sound unrelenting in its drive for the true old- school black metal sorceries of the late 20th century. Ravenous does the trinity of spears desolate their mortal enemies of the ancient, melancholic phantoms hungering for lifeblood left in their bloodied puppet wake.

Promotional text provided by Neheroth of Gloomhammer @neheroth

-Limited to 150 copies.

-Audio specially remastered for vinyl format. (Better dynamics and full range for pure and organic sound)

-180g Black vinyl (high quality certificated Polyvinyl chloride: less background noise and extra durability)

-Envelope with incense ritually crafted.

-CD-R (vinyl-effect) including vinyl audio master (1411kbps audio quality)

-350g sleeve. 3mm spine.

-400g double side insert.