Umbral Twilight ‎– Bleeding Alchemic Talisman (B.A.T.)

Stygian Black Hand

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Pro-tapes in black cassette shell, limited to 100 copies worldwide

Brought forth from rituals of ancient satanic magick and moon worshipping heathenism comes the first unholy and depraved demo, Bleeding Alchemic Talisman (B.A.T.), from black metal duo, UMBRAL TWILIGHT! Bleak and desolate riffs that entrance with a mystical aura possessing all those who listen to feel cold and empty. Haunting incantations and crushing drums that capture the essence of majestic escapism to destroy all who dare. UMBRAL TWILIGHT will lead you down a path of dark ancient rites, death worship, and occult heathen upheaval.