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Cult Metal Classics

Trident - Power Of The Trident

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Formed in North Wales in 1980, TRIDENT started as a trio by John Owen (guitars/vocals), Dave Alexander (bass) and John Pritchard (drums). They released one of the most sought after and highly acclaimed British 7'' singles entitled "Destiny / Power of the Trident" back in 1983.

TRIDENT easily ranks among the most proud moments for our record label so far. Thanks to the band founder John Owen, we were given access to master tapes of 18 songs in total, most of which see the light of day on vinyl and CD for the first time officially. Not to be confused with another band by the same name from Glasgow, these great musicians delivered fantastic hard rock / heavy metal compositions that had it all to get the band to the top.

TRIDENT ended in 1985 and John Owen formed FILTHY RICH, a great melodic hard rock / metal trio that also released a great single entitled "She's 17 / Love Ain't A Fool".

This is the Double Gatefold LP edition, which features all songs ever recorded by TRIDENT and FILTHY RICH, including both singles, the TRIDENT "Flint Demo", the "Broken Dream" cassette album and additional unreleased tracks, with powerful remastered sound. Comes with great fantasy artwork, 80's photos, band story and lyrics to all songs.

This is definitely one of the most expected NWOBHM reissues of 2017! Limited to 200 copies.


Side A
1. Power Of The Trident 05:18
2. Destiny 05:18
3. The Bringer Of Light 04:36
4. Lucrezia's Fool 06:05
Total: 21:17

Side B
1. Excalibur 03:45
2. Heartbreaker 05:30
3. Gettin' Nowhere 04:14
4. Thunderbird 03:49
5. What'll I Do 05:31
Total: 22:49

Tracks A1,A2,A3 taken from the recordings of Trident "Destiny" 7'' Single 1983
Tracks A4,B1,B2 taken from Trident "Flint" Demo 1981
Tracks B3,B4,B5 taken from Trident "Broken Dream" Demo 1982

Side C
1. Lucrezia's Fool 05:59
2. Excalibur 03:19
3. Heartbreaker 05:47
4. Hollywood Attack 04:52
Total: 19:57

Side D
1. Broken Dream 05:13
2. She's 17 03:34
3. Love Ain't A Fool 04:59
4. Six Time Lover 03:35
5. Hard Stuff 04:23
Total: 21:44

Tracks C1,C2,C3,C4,D1 taken from Trident "Broken Dream" Demo 1982
Tracks D2,D3 taken from Filthy Rich "She's 17" 7'' Single 1986
Tracks D4,D5 taken from Filthy Rich "Rockcliffe" Demo 1988