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WAXGOAT319 Trhä/Sanguine Wounds (USA/USA) - Split - LP

With their ancient eldritch talons stained with the blood of essence by audial daggers of raw black metal, does a split incantation conspiracy rise from the drained life force in the name of Trhä and Sanguine Wounds.

Trhä requires no introduction and is infamous for pushing the boundaries of black metal, on this split Thét Älëf contributed 2 lengthy tracks of epic black-gaze cloak around 27 mins with his distinctive shrieking rasp vocal oration and experimental drum beat. Sanguine Wounds is one woman black metal led by talented Vemphir, whom continue on this split album with her quest of blood and vampiric melodic raw black metal.

Strictly one time pressing on purple vinyl.

Promo text by @neheroth