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DEMOGOAT Trhä/Acheulean Forests - Die Macht der Feenflamme - MC

By glowing glory of the fell flame does the crossing of cruelty come between two entities of ravishing fantastical reverie, these by name of Acheulean Forests and Trhä.

The first striking its sounds upon Die Macht der Feenflamme is that of Acheulean Forests, an entity of instrumental black metal dungeon synth since the age of 2016 and has been developing its sound of raw dreamscapes over a vast library of potent grimoire incantations. Here Acheulean Forests works a fey dissonance of contrasting ambient synth sections and instrumental black metal entropy, evoking a rich tapestry of obsessive dreams, blackened elf blood and a freakish night flame purity to set the spirits of dancing embers into infernal heights of wonder.

The second its sounds upon Die Macht der Feenflamme is that of Trhä, who since the age of 2020 has graced the ephemeral world with its atmospheric black metal ministrations gilded with dungeon synth fulminations. Here, Trhä works a bright and sorcerous dreamscape of bouncing synth passages, infectious black metal melodics, screeching imp vocal orations, and an atmosphere of cruel carefree delights—unleashing a torrent of truly hypnotising and catchy compositions that will stay trapped inside those experiencing these sounds for aeons to come, the spells Trhä has evoked full of fearsome fantasy and otherworldly essence, a synth laden journey of engrossing splendour awaiting all those seeking its raw fey soundscapes.

Available on professional manufactured cassette with crystal clear sound, comes with OBI, an edition of 90.

Description text by @neheroth