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Torture Chain (USA) - Mutilating Astral Entities - 2xLP (WAXGOAT184)

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When it comes to dealings with astral entities there are few possible ways to do it. Probably the most belligerent solution was given in 2013 by Torturer of TORTURE CHAIN with his debut LP Mutilating Astral Entities.

In this approach, astral entities are subjected to a full hour of relentless, ugly pummeling of thunderous crude black metal. Split into four long torturing sessions, with only one short break in between to clean up the blood, the weaponized brand of TORTURE CHAIN's black cosmic warfare shows a cruel variety in methods of torment. The agonies shift from below the cold earth of Judas Iscariot to the full martial highness of Vlad Tepes, sometimes soaring to the infinities of outer space, sometimes crawling in the murky shadows of astral caverns. Yet from start to finish the rumbling, punky mutilation never stops.
Torture Chain breaks the flesh in ways Clive Barker could never have imagined and the hypnotic mystery of violence is ceaseless. For whatever reason Astral Entities decided to come here, they have surely regretted their choice. When the closing funeral hymn of ”Aeternitas” finally sounds there are only astral shreds left to float into the eternal cold of outer cosmic voids.

Limited 200 copies on 180g black vinyl, comes with noble gatefold jacket, special art paper OBI and fully remastered sound.