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Poisonous Sorcery


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-Limited to 150 copies.

-Audio specially remastered for vinyl format. (Better dynamics and full range for pure and organic sound)

-180g Black vinyl (high quality certificated Polyvinyl chloride: less background noise and extra durability)

-Envelope with incense ritually crafted.

-CD-R (vinyl-effect) including vinyl audio master (1411kbps audio quality)

-350g sleeve. 3mm spine.

-400g insert.

Max 1 copy per customer.
U.E. (@ukeparaave) - Vocals (Nächtlich, Bloody Winds, Dobhár Chu, Dolmen Shrine...)
LORD BILL (@lord__bill) - All Instruments (Arcanist, Drelnoch... )
Raw Black Metal with Dungeon Synth arrangements.

The album includes the "S/T" demo, "Agonized Illumination" demo plus two bonus tracks.

Unique sound and praise to the medieval era, magick and battles.

All artwork by T. & S.C (Poisonous Sorcery)

In Conspiracy with Moonworshipper Records.