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Teufel (Slovenia) - Vražje Bajke (Devil’s Fairy Tale) – MC

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DEMOGOAT Teufel (Slovenia) - Vražje Bajke (Devil’s Fairy Tale) – MC

Horns entangled in the tapestries of folklore, fear and fury comes that Solovenian beast known only as Teufel @teufel.official , whose unique brand of gothic black metal ambience has been crawling across the mortal lands since the age of 2020.

Whispering weald of wonder as black magick brings terror of sight to those blinded by the light, Vražje Bajke offers 4 brand new dark folk tales told in haunting baritone combined with mixture soundscape of black metal, post punk and occult folk, from remote woods of Slovenia where time stands still for centuries.

The first part of a trilogy cassette series, available on professional duplicated cassette.