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Silent Thunder/Zmyrna (US/Czech) - Saeculum Mysticum – MC

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Mired in the mediaeval mysticism of raw black metal tyrants, Silent Thunder and Zmyrna, Saeculum Mysticum is a split incantation of cruellest conspiracy.

Silent Thunder is the American blitz bulwark of M., infamous for his sorceries under the Lamp of Murmuur moniker, but here utilises Silent Thunder to bring thunderbolts of solitude upon his enemies in the style of raw medieval black metal of synth laden somnolence, much different to recent work of Lamp of Murmuur.

Zmyrna formed from across Czechia and Slovakia, who provide a trinity of pure medieval black metal that would be used as sound track for Umberto Eco’s famous novel The Name of The Rose. Of howling wolven oration, droning choral vocals, dedicated mediaeval thematics, frostbitten tremolo melodics, windswept flute weariness, martial beat percussion and a truly dissonant production of eldritch entropy.

Whispered in hidden chambers of funerary smoke, Saeculum Mysticum is the perfect meeting of covens separated by the vast oceans, a visceral exploration of the enigmatic past and a fulmination of both entities greatest works to date. A split incantation of raw black metal mediaeval torment not to be missed.

Available on 12” LP in red and black vinyl, professional cassette and jewel case CD edition.