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Sigh - Ghastly Funeral Theatre (MC)

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This edition comes with a signed card.

Originally released in 1997 and only ever available on CD, SIGH's essential Ghastly Funeral Theatre / 葬式劇場 EP is now available on cassette for the first time ever!

Sanctioned by the masters.

Side A

1. Intro: Soushiki / 葬式
2. Shingontachikawa / 真言立川
3. Doman Seman / ドーマン・セーマン

Side B

4. Imiuta / 忌み歌
5. Shikigami / 式神
6. Outro: Higeki / 悲劇

Professionally duplicated cream cassettes limited to 100 copies.

Cat: DHZ666-02