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Crypt of the Wizard

Riders of Rohan - With Hope Or Without... 12"

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2nd pressing available now!

Crypt of the Wizard is proud to present With Hope or Without, a new mini-LP from Riders of Rohan, available now on vinyl and digital formats. 

The singing Rohirrim hath returned on their continued quest through the nooks and crannies of Middle Earth to tell more tales of love, longing and derring-do.

This time our heroes even hark back to an era far beyond the Third Age and the War of the Ring on occasion, delving into territory lesser known to the fairweather Tolkienistas. That is not to say we won’t run into some friendly faces.

Indeed one familiar friend is well-met wandering free out on the borderlands in Ranger Song yearning for yesteryear, and for lost love with a great destiny ahead of him. Our three troubadours invoke Mr. Lynott and company to explore whether the call of the wild is really what this ranger's heart desires. While in If I Could Love we encounter notorious ne'er-do-well Sauron facing up to some serious daddy issues longing for the attention of Morgoth.

In Evermind King Théoden, the realm’s most rejuvenated Rohirrim, finds himself filled with mournful scorn ready to reap revenge for his fallen son Théodred, willing to risk it all at Minas Tirith and longing to be buried under under silver fields of Evermind.

Somewhat disconcertingly Ringwraith Khamûl the Easterling addresses us directly in To Name a Successor, keen for a quick ascension to the top job where they might supplant the dreaded Witch King as leader of the Nazgûl. While Giving up the West bids the question - what's the point of eternal living in the Elvish afterlife if you can't take the people you love with you?

Much like the previous release we are set adrift on a rich sea of myriad musical influences. Whilst an anchor is still firmly dropped into the bedrock of old school rock and heavy metal, we find ourselves floating into unfamiliar waters with hints of raucous new wave, splashes of post-punk, and even a swell of disco rock lapping at our hull.

Pulling from a multitude of classic rock and early metal references, the Riders' sound becomes so much more than the sum of its parts. Shimmering with feeling, drenched in emotion, and the buzz 'n' hum of true rock ballads polished just enough to make them shine without losing lustre.

Our dear Riders’ second foray into the fray finds them winning hearts and minds, while still kicking ass and taking names.
Much like the famed Lembas Bread of the Elves this release though somewhat lighter than a full length LP will continue to nourish the listener long beyond what may seem rational.
There is no rest yet for the weary. The Riders of Rohan must ride forth today, and we will ride with them, axe, sword, and bow.

Crypt of the Wizard is proud to present With Hope or Without, a new mini-LP from Riders of Rohan, available now on vinyl and digital formats.