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Crypt of the Wizard

Pöwer A.D. - Reclaim the Might

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Crypt of the Wizard is proud to present Pöwer A.D. - Reclaim the Might
Hailing from the US' Southern States Pöwer A.D. sound like something you might find stuck in the tape deck of a haunted 1977 Chevy Camaro. Traditional Heavy Metal brimming with eerie melodies echoing out through hissing production and aged amplifiers while a hammering rhythm section provides a constant energetic march forward, presumably into a battle of some kind, with the occasional surprising descent into proto-blast beats.

Alumni of various Black Metal projects, Pöwer A.D.’s love for Heavy Metal’s rich roots drew the members back into its warm embrace. “I missed so much good stuff in my initial descent from Maiden and Priest into Extreme Metal, so we just wanted to start a project that kind of encompassed all the shit we love about it!”
This debut E.P stands as a testament to that return journey and a love for the lesser know heroes of Heavy Metal with odes to strength, glory and swords reminding us that this is music unsuited to wimps.