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WAXGOAT374 Occulted Death Stance (GB) - Feathered Serpent - LP *co-release with mighty @coldbeachuk

So here it comes, one of my personally most look forward release of this batch, not only because it is a co-release with our partner Cold Beach UK, but because this is the debut album of Occulted Death Stance finally on vinyl after the notoriously difficult to access original cassette version (due to the packaging and limitation, see slide 3 if you don’t know what I mean).

Occulted Death Stance is the chief sonic ritual propaganda unit from the infamous Anti Social Kultur England (A.S.K.E) @antisocialkulturengland , an foul entity revelling in the sounds of black metal, industrial, noise, punk and experimental subversion since the age of 2015.

Feathered Serpent is a soil stained fist to the face, swirling in eternal return of the spiral snake succour, Feathered Serpent is a brutal foray into dissonant guitar psychotronics, dirty black oi howls, avant-garde spell composition, eclectic genre fusion, power noise electronics, anti-modern ritual subversion and an attitude of industrial inner war absurdity.

If you have not experienced the obscure audial doctrines of Occulted Death Stance for yourself, stab yourself and stain yourself with your fluids, for now is the time to make something ugly. To become that which you once were, but can now never be again.