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Darkness Shall Rise

Necrosanct (UK) – Desolate – LP (BLACK)

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Necrosanct (UK) – Desolate

One of the best kept secrets of the early 90s English death metal scene, finally available again on limited 180g LP, jewel-case CD and MC.

NECROSANCT from Brighton (UK) delivered with their second album Incarnate (1992) and the third and last album Desolate (1993) an unparalleled brutal and obscure death metal thunderstorm.
If you are into chaotic and grinding metal of death with drums that have a certain D.D. Crazy (SARCOFAGO) vibe and you like a mixture between BOLT THROWER, PESTILENCE, BLASPHEMY and NOCTURNUS, then this is definitely for you.
Originally released on Swedish label Black Mark (BATHORY), the albums by NECROSANCT unfortunately never found access to a larger public due to BM’s poor label work. Now you have the chance to catch up and get these timeless death metal classics.

Mastered for vinyl by Patrick W. Engel at Temple Of Disharmony in May/June 2023.

For the first time ever on LP.
180g vinyl, ltd 400, 300 x black, 100 x orange vinyl, 12“ insert, A2 poster

Side A:
1. Bleed
2. Reprisal
3. Plagued Mind
4. Epitaph
5. Darkest Fears

Side B:
1. Black Dawn
2. Manifest
3. Chaotic Vein
4. Desolate
5. Dirge