Necro Schizma - Live Emmerloord 25-8-1990

At War With False Noise

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Companion to the classic of rough, slow death metal, this live set (recorded supporting ASPHYX) is even rougher and even slower than it's parent album!

Back in the late 80s/early 90s these poorly-recorded demos/live sets were being traded about all over the shop using soaped stamps, communications of what was going on in various scenes, and constantly updated lists of cool new shit people had acquired. It's entirely the essence of that scene that my entire label and way of working is based around, cos I feel that we've lost something really special with the dawn of such easy communication.

Musically, this is a tough listen, no doubt about that! If you're used to rough live recordings then it's really not too bad, and the two songs on here that aren't on the demo make it worth the entry price alone. An essential snapshot of a forgotten ghost.