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Electric Assault Records

Natürgeist - Reinvigorated Terror (lim. 7'' EP)

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  • Folder
  • Black inner-sleeve
  • Black vinyl
  • Large hole
  • Limited to 300 copies
  • Plastic protection sleeve

Released by Electric Assault Records and Ván Records.
Pressed at Cascade Record Pressing, PDX.

Born of malice and Ill contempt, Natürgeist resides within the Ether. Pervasive shrieks of madness portray the dementia of one’s own natural state in a world bound to egotistical demise. Primeval spirits will reclaim their rightful place. Only ancient, cold and mystical black metal will prevail.

All auditory hallucinations perceived between March & November MMXX.
Natürgeist: All instruments, composition & production
Matt Williams at Sub Odin Studio: Additional mixing
Jamie Elton at Seven Gates Studios: Mastering
Olivia Sanchez: Photography
Thomas Johnson: Calligraphy & borders