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Najwyższy (N/A) - An Orchestration in Shadows (WAXGOAT164)

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Can you remember the black nights when the carpathian wolves still howled under the Polish full moon? Nights where the swords and spears of barbarism clashed with the ferocity of the ancient tradition, with an idealistic passion for reclaiming the ancestral beauty of nature and restoring the high order of paganism. And while the corrosion of time took its toll, Karcharoth's plan was never fulfilled and the head of Behemoth eventually fell into ignominy, the legends of those times remain. Pathways to the monumental temples of Veles, Infernum and Fullmoon are not yet completely lost and from time to time hyperborean souls of a worthy pagan stock wander in to sing their praise.

The fifth collaboration with the group of Spectral Moon Records that spawns the majestic entity such as Nocturnal Triumph and Haunting Depth, and again hailing from a mysterious land with noname, Najwyższy(Supremacy in Polish)'s debut work ”Orchestration In Shadows” burns with this true, bright flame of the original pagan vastlands. From the first wailing wind samples to the black crooning of warrior barbarian and strings spitting out the spirit of majesty, the listener soon understands that this is music to turn the barren gravelands back into fertile, pagan heartlands.

After the self released limited cassette, this work is now finally available on the black gold version, pressed on 45RPM for the best possible sound, this definitive version comes with a bonus track, a glorious hail to old hordes of Concilium in the form a Night and Fog cover by Funeral.

Limited to undisclosed number.