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Svart Records

Morbus Chron - Sweven / A Saunter Through The Shroud (Black Vinyl)

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Svart Records reissue of Morbus Chron’s game-changing atmospheric Death Metal album “Sweven”, together with the remastered ltd ed. EP “A Saunter Through The Shroud”. Gatefold sleeve with original Sweven booklet included. Pressed on black vinyl and limited dark green vinyl (400 copies).

On “Sweven”, Morbus Chron carved out their very own territory of unorthodox death metal, far beyond their raw and simple initial style, adding many uncanny acoustic parts to create a nightmare world of utter horror. Together with producer Fred Estby (ex- Dismember), the band found a warm, yet haunting sound to go with their vision. The resulting soundscapes spread out like a wasteland of death and terror, sending chills down the hardest of spines. Guitar and drum patterns flow in various directions, building cathedrals of darkness in which tormented vocals echo in agony.

The EP ‘A Saunter through the Shroud’, was a revelation upon its release in July 2012, displaying tremendous progression from previous efforts. Instead of playing it safe, sticking to traditional death metal patterns, Morbus Chron had started to transcend the genre to incorporate elements of progressive rock as well as black metal. With patterns oozing of Voivod, Atheist and Darkthrone, as well as Death and Autopsy, Morbus Chron was on their way to something majestic. Possessing unrelenting integrity, the band shunned all trends to go further into the unknown with “Sweven”.

Smell the coffin with these two pioneering recordings, available in one lush package for the first time! Morbus Chron’s idiosyncratic legacy has never sounded or looked finer.