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Crypt of the Wizard

Magick Without Tears! - COTW x Nicky Rat Black T-Shirt

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Dear acolytes,

As thee Yule season draws ever closer it is once again time for thee Wyzard to furnish his followers with protective garments suitable to sustain their corporeal forms.

Summoned up from thee bowls ov hell in conspiracy with thee infamous Nicky Rat, and printed 'pon a Gildan Heavy shirt as black as thee Devil’s nutting bag, this short ov sleeve robe is guaranteed to protect thee wearer against all know hexes, curses, whammies, spells, conjurations, necromancy, enchantments, charms and evil eyes.

These items art being printed as we doth speak, however, obtain'th thine terrible tunic today, and thou shalt receive it in time for thee gifting season.  


Thee Wizard