Lamp of Murmuur - The Burning Spears of Crimson Agony (Pro tape)

Black Gangrene Productions

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In current times, the rawest side of Black Metal is flourishing at fast pace all over the world thru bands and record labels dealing with the harshest furthermost cruel aural traits. Alike every musical field, whereas several stay as measly followers sinking in the copycat trap, a deeper dig will grant a handful of veiled gems worth finding and devoting the time and spirit. One of the recent hordes thriving through the present Underground and carrying the essence of legitimate sonic darkness is US based Lamp of Murmuur. Following a string of outputs since latter year’s inception, this one-man cluster released “The Burning Spears of Crimson Agony”, a demo comprised of four tracks, two contemplative ambient interludes and two long epic compositions. While the interludes deliver an atmosphere and reflective quality, both parts of “A Burning Spear to the Heart of Dawn” strike with might and thrust and leave the listener in awe for a true majestic ordeal of raw yet melodic Black Metal is at hand. Enthralling and somber, here lie the overall ingredients that complete Lamp of Murmuur’s recipe. Like a sharp dagger, intense vocals exhibit the agony and torment behind these creations while the memorable guitar work fills the air with multiple exciting riffing brimming with angst and energy. Whether on crude obscure gashes or melodic vibrant moments, such six-string creations work perfectly as a varied and utterly well-structured rhythmic section. Here stands an overall sense of dynamics which makes these lengthy tracks enticing in its organic flowing without ever falling in repetition, providing the listener with new elements and sensations with every playing experience.

Released on Vinyl LP by Black Gangrene Productions, “The Burning Spears of Crimson Agony” embodies the utmost achievement of Lamp of Murmuur’s career thus far, a striking opus of Raw Black Metal eminence.