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Svart Records

Kissa Vaarallinen - Bändi

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Limited edition of 500

The cat is the wild, cheeky and pompous alter ego of guitarist, singer and songwriter Günter Kivioja. It arose from one person’s need to unravel it with the primordial, funniest, and simplest rock energy, and frost it with glitter as well as pop hooks. The band draws their musical and lyrical power from the carefree origins of rock ‘n’ roll, the glamor aesthetics of the early 70s, the theatricality of early heavy metal, and passionate love.

- “The love of friends is what makes life worth living, though, so I piled a Dangerous band around me. The cat is simple and fun, but it also has a deeper idea, ”says Kivioja.

The whole and force-threatening record set consists of thoughtful hooks, fresh and violent riffs, massive synagogue curtains and stories appropriately written on the cheek. Beneath the light bubbling surface still lives a delicate and affectionate lover. Dangerous band is a multi-sensory experience,