Kekht Arakh - Through the Branches to Eternity

Stygian Black Hand

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Stygian Black Hand solemnly presents the debut demo of this melancholic, introspective black metal project, given its first ever physical release on cassette format. On “Through the Branches to Eternity”, we see the artist’s intent in its most nascent, unadulterated form. The opening track “Sorrow” is an eerie and mesmerizing work of depressive black metal, showcasing the interesting guitar work, moody vocal delivery, and candid lyricism that would be further refined on the beloved full-length that soon followed this recording. This distorted nightmare is then juxtaposed with the title track, a dreamy acoustic composition. Despite the hopeless dejection conveyed in the lyrics, the artist exposes his inner feelings to the listener with a compelling youthfulness, confidence, and acceptance. Finally, we get a previously unreleased raw rehearsal recording of “Sorrow”, sure to please die hards and completists looking for any and all of the secrets behind the captivating mind of Këkht Aräkh. Before night and love, there was eternity...