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Dark Descent Records

Jim Jones And The Kool-Ade Kids – Trust Me… LP

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Jim Jones and the Kool-Ade Kids are not what they seem…

There are no Jims involved, nor are any of the members partial to said flavoured drink mix (but more on that below) And then there’s the heaviness… oh my Lord the heaviness! Unlike what the band tag might suggest, the unsuspecting listener is served crushing sounds reminiscent of Dream Death, Hellhammer, Winter, and even Possessed. A grinding cross-over brew of sludgy proto-death metal, thrash, and hardcore-punk awaits! First released back in 1986, Dark Descent Records have truly dug up a lost Michigan gem!

“We formed as a hardcore band, which should be obvious from the name,” explains guitarist Paul Pretzer. “Like many our age, we started out loving bands like Black Sabbath, but found hardcore as we searched for music that was more aggressive and urgent, and that we felt we could relate to more as far as socially relevant themes and topics, stuff with which we could identify. By the time we were writing and recording Trust Me..., I was just trying to combine my love of music like Black Sabbath, with that heaviness, with my love of bands like Battalion of Saints, who were aggressive and raw.”

To those not immersed in such matters, Jim Jones is not in fact the illustrious front-man of this here group, but a cult leader of ‘Peoples Temple of the Disciples of Christ’. Jones orchestrated the 1978 mass-suicide of over nine hundred people at his Jonestown commune in Guyana, after assassinating Congressman Leo Ryan for poking around in his business. Followers sipped on Flavor Aid mixed with cyanide, and to this day ‘drinking the Kool-Aid’ refers to the following of a doomed cause in the hope of great rewards.