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WAXGOAT450 Holyarrow (China) - 衷赤 / Oath of Allegiance - LP

Hailing from the culturally distinctive homeland of Southern Min, flies forth the sacred legion of Holyarrow, teaching their controversial version of Chinese waring history dealing with national struggle of Han people against foreign invasion, in the style of EPIC BLACK METAL, sung in unique Hokkien dialect.

Since 2015, the band has built a strong army of haters and supporters back in the home land but only until last year, teamed up with GoatowaRex Holyarrow started to expand the army to the outside world. Oath of Allegiance (衷赤), the debut full-length released in 2016 , is a truly distinguished declaration of historical warmongering, detailing the failed last bitter attempt of Ming Army against the rise to power of Qing Dynasty. Rife with the battle smoke of musket fire and blood spilled by shining steel, Oath of Allegiance lives up to its epic black metal moniker, delivering upon the mass a furious salvo of elongated spell length, infectious guitar melodics, vast war atmospherics, sonorous synth augmentation, war marching percussion, multifarious spell composition, and a true thematic of Chinese imperial history that is as sincere as it is engrossing. Evocative of an age long since past, in which those triumphs, tribulations and treachery still echo across the lands to this day, with Holyarrow providing a powerful sonic rendition of historical sublime.

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